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  • Sing to the Moon

    Sing to the Moon

    At some point this summer I was making lots of small boat bowls as functional ware. One day a stray boat was sitting there, when it occurred to me to put something in it. First a bench was put in with some weathered wood grain look. Who would sit there? What are they doing? Thinking? […]

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  • Rabbits take a journey

    Rabbits take a journey

    How to ship extremely fragile works?

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  • Evolution of a seated girl

    Evolution of a seated girl

    This is a piece that developed from a two day workshop. 6 weeks later she was finally finished construction. Then two months of drying had to pass before a bisque firing. Finishing is challenging for me. Like staring at a blank piece of paper and wanting to start that great novel awaiting within you. But […]

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  • Flying on a cool summer breeze

    Flying on a cool summer breeze

    Just the thing we’re all looking for during these frequent heat waves. This was my way of coping. Create just what I was needing as a remedy. From start to finish she took two months to make. There is a second on I made at the same time who is not quite finished. This one […]

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  • Eye Roll

    sometimes you just have to play

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  • Puffer


    I’m doing a series of ‘fish hooks’ for September open studio. Here is the latest . It’s been so much fun working with a puffer fish. Will be doing more with them! These will be available in the September Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour sale at my studio. This is mounted to the wall. Technically […]

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  • They Come From Other Worlds part 2

    They Come From Other Worlds part 2

    Earlier I wrote about the emergence of the first Fish Folk in my studio. He was followed by a female. There are more waiting in the queue. These were heavily influenced from my my childhood. Our home was filled with traditional folk dance costumes from various parts of the world, Europe, middle east, Scandinavia and […]

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  • Pretzel Pose

    Pretzel Pose

    Structural engineering, the term has always sounded too math heavy for my interest. I realize, now, that’s what my main focus is when I’m building figures. Understanding the ways that clay can withstand weight and gravity in various angles is something a lot of us learn the hard way from stress cracks and worse. I […]

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  • Sing from your soul!

    By the time I got to the head I realized the scene.

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  • Melting Man

    This spring I was trying out porcelain paper clay and armatures of wire. Paper clay has some ‘magic’ qualities about it, such as, you can add fresh clay and attach it to bisque ware and refire. (Something not possible with regular clay). It also has remarkable strength. I wanted to test that and made tall […]

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