I’m doing a series of ‘fish hooks’ for September open studio. Here is the latest . It’s been so much fun working with a puffer fish. Will be doing more with them! These will be available in the September Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour sale at my studio. This is mounted to the wall. Technically … Continue reading Puffer

Cool Breeze

It's July and it's been a scorcher for many around the world. Here is my meditation on that. We are preparing for our first blast of heat coming this week, here in western Washington. Mind of matter -( if only it could be that easy). May you all catch a cool breeze and it carry … Continue reading Cool Breeze

They Come From Other Worlds part 2

Earlier I wrote about the emergence of the first Fish Folk in my studio. He was followed by a female. There are more waiting in the queue. These were heavily influenced from my my childhood. Our home was filled with traditional folk dance costumes from various parts of the world, Europe, middle east, Scandinavia and … Continue reading They Come From Other Worlds part 2

They Come from Other Worlds

I am a proponent of doing automatic drawing / sculpting. Quick , rapid sketches, a reactionary method of working quickly without any analyzing or planning. Just respond to the previous mark. Sometimes the works are quite interesting, sometimes not. It's a process that encourages ideas that come from deep within to emerge. Auto sketches The … Continue reading They Come from Other Worlds

Melting Man

This spring I was trying out porcelain paper clay and armatures of wire. Paper clay has some 'magic' qualities about it, such as, you can add fresh clay and attach it to bisque ware and refire. (Something not possible with regular clay). It also has remarkable strength. I wanted to test that and made tall … Continue reading Melting Man


What are the rabbits about? They surprised me when they started appearing. Originally they were symbols in a memorial piece I designed for my niece who died far too young. Afterwards, I was still intrigued with them and started continuing the design to push the elements further. They soon seemed to be leading me down … Continue reading Rabbits