Evolution of a seated girl

This is a piece that developed from a two day workshop. 6 weeks later she was finally finished construction. Then two months of drying had to pass before a bisque firing. Finishing is challenging for me. Like staring at a blank piece of paper and wanting to start that great novel awaiting within you.

Starting on a ‘blank canvas’ with studio assistant

But tackle her I simply had to do. Today was the day. This is an undercoat of manganese oxide which turn a dark chocolate brown. In order not to lose the runny effects of the oxide wash I will bisque her again. Then, with the color set I’ll put a stoney lithium glaze on top to mute the undertones. She’ll be fired bisque Sunday and once more two days later then be ready for the Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour.

Undercoat ready for glaze top coat

She is sitting the kiln today. She will be cool enough to come out tomorrow and be glazed and fired at a higher temperature on Wednesday.

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