Flying on a cool summer breeze

Just the thing we’re all looking for during these frequent heat waves. This was my way of coping. Create just what I was needing as a remedy. From start to finish she took two months to make. There is a second on I made at the same time who is not quite finished. This one is the first, so she is getting all the attention.

She will be available at the Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour September 16-18.

Taking flight

Two trips to the kiln. Kiln temps were 2195 degrees fahrenheit. Surprisingly there is no sign the limbs sagged at all during the firing processes. They have very little weight and that worked in their favor. The legs, back and shoulders have interior supports built into the walls to help prevent cracking during the shrinkage and firings.

Quick look at figure once completed in fresh clay stage. Clay always looks most skin like at this stage.

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