A Fleet of Boat Bowls

I go through periods of the year when I am compelled to make boat related work. I’ve never understood this compulsion, but I give into it and over time have developed some enjoyable forms. I am not a boating type of person. Though I’ve enjoyed sea kayaking out here in Washington, I still don’t consider myself a ‘boat person’. So when I make boats, they are pure imagination. Their only function is to fill them with something deliciously edible.

I’ve developed some new slip colors recently that are bright, vivid and they are going to the new ‘fleet’ of small boat bowls for this up coming Gig Harbor Open Studio Tour in mid-September. The ones in the first two pictures are all lined up and ready to go into the bisque firing later this week. Waiting, waiting and waiting. So it goes with ceramics work. A slow process in many ways, but worth it in the end.

The colors look pale at this point, but will become vivid reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues as they go through the firings. It’s always fun to watch the transition of the colors as they change through each step of the process.

Boat Bowls in greenware state. Waiting for bisque firing, then glaze firing.
Fleet carved and waiting for bisque firing.
Finished colors

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