They Come from Other Worlds

I am a proponent of doing automatic drawing / sculpting. Quick , rapid sketches, a reactionary method of working quickly without any analyzing or planning. Just respond to the previous mark. Sometimes the works are quite interesting, sometimes not. It’s a process that encourages ideas that come from deep within to emerge.

Auto sketches

The little automatic sketched figures sometimes serve as moquettes for larger pieces. This fishy character (on the left) is in progress now. On the right is the little sketch that sparked the idea. I have no idea how the idea emerged. But I find the character really holds my attention.

I like to start with the base, the shoes. Shoes say a lot about a person and character strikes me as a high detail, fastidious type. (An odd personality trait for a fish in my opinion). Very mysterious too. So I went with these boots.

Building the figure from the shoes up.

I developed the clothing from memories. No reference materials were used. I grew up surrounded by folk dance costumes from all points of the globe. They clearly have influenced this character.

He was so far removed from anything that I have done before. It was challenging to balance the essence of the original moquette and expanding on the finer details without going too far.

While it is drying over the next few weeks I have created a wide variety of test tiles and forms to test lots of finishing options before doing a final firing of this figure. There is a second character in progress to go with this figure. The long slow dry begins. So, on these dark rainy days, why not play with iMovie??

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