What are the rabbits about?

They surprised me when they started appearing. Originally they were symbols in a memorial piece I designed for my niece who died far too young. Afterwards, I was still intrigued with them and started continuing the design to push the elements further. They soon seemed to be leading me down their rabbit hole!! Ha!

The original piece taught me that this was not as easy at it seemed. That I would have to work surprisingly hard to get anything to work. Here is the first piece, still green. Months of work lay ahead to solve so many issues.

The red clay wasn’t going to be easy to get vivid colors with. I switched to white clay body and started over. This time using underglazes for continents and rabbits. It had been such a humbling disappointment to see the outcome of the first piece that I waited a few months to try it again. The rabbits are small and so incredibly tedious and fussy to work on. Actually, until they get their ears they look like sickly lizards and quite ugly. So, since I had to do this all over and I was dreading the possibility of another tragedy, I decided to make three sets. That way if one failed, I could still make the commissioned piece and have a version for myself.

Above shows 1. how much the ears add to the character of the rabbits, 2. The silliness of them drying their ears as slowly as possible so they don’t crack. 3. My struggles with geography, and 4. I too am guilty of global warming

This was the new result.

This piece is in a private collection in Virginia.

Now, I faced the harsh reality that maybe the public wouldn’t be interested in flying rabbits. Why were these rabbits on a flying carpet anyway? Now I could rewrite this whole story line. Or… it was going to guide me on its own.

I really wanted the carpet to be hovering above the globe. It needed to be more convincing at first glance that this was a flying carpet. To do this I would fire the carpet separately and attach later. The rabbits also would be fired separately. This really opened up doors for all kinds of other possibilities. On the next one and treated the globe finishes very differently and got much better results. Essentially taking a fresh approach to each aspect of finishing with the exception of the how I did the continents. The rabbits were finished quite minimally to help pop in contrast to the colorful carpet and globe.

This series is taking off. I’m along for the ride. Please check back for updates.

3 thoughts on “Rabbits

    1. The concept originated as a memorial piece for my niece who died too young. It represented a place where spirit and living family could gather, on a flying carpet, and ride around the world listening to my niece’s tales of her endless adventures. Now the concept has taken on new meanings to new people. I’m continuing to make them and expand on the theme.


    2. Hi Gail, I’m currently working on making more rabbit pieces. There will be a pair flying over the globe for $400. I will also do some just flying on carpets, but over a simple base. Price TBD. Thank you for asking. Please follow me on IG to see their progress.


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